Vacation Rental Ordinance

Vacation rentals are a fabulous way to enjoy staying at Lake Tahoe, but they come with some responsibilities so everyone, locals and visitors alike, can enjoy the peace and quiet of life in the mountains. We'd like to remind you of our new local City of South Lake Tahoe Vacation Home Rental Ordinance:

1. We respect our neighbors and the neighborhood and you are required to observe quiet rules from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am No outside noise during this time, including hot tubs….they must be turned off and not used during these hours.

2. Trash can only be put on the curb on your home's garbage pick up days (it is listed at your home). Otherwise place the garbage bags in the bear box outside or in the cans in the garage. Garbage left out is an invitation for these animals to tear into it, and not only does it make the neighborhood a mess, it can hurt the animals.

3. Cars can only be parked in the home's driveway and/or garage.

4. No parties of any kind are allowed.

5. There is a maximum number of people allowed to stay in the home. You submitted a list of names and these are the only ones who are allowed to stay overnight.

6. If a South Lake Tahoe VHR or Police officer comes to the home on a complaint, you are subject to a fine of $1,000 and eviction. Please visit