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Spring is in the air, and now is the time to plan your vacation to South Lake Tahoe. School will be out in two short months, so make your reservation with Kathy at Tahoe Destination Vacation Rentals (800-343-9772) to be sure to have the perfect rental home for your stay. Tahoe is having a mild spring, so throw your hiking boots in a bag and visit now to miss the summer crowds. You can enjoy all the sights and outdoor activities Tahoe has to offer! Remember, TDVR strives to provide the best in service with conveniently located, well-stocked, sparkling clean homes that you’ll feel at home in, and will be anxious to return to. Keep reading for information about the rental home industry in South Lake Tahoe and rules and regulations currently in place that affect both homeowners and renters.

Vacation Home Rentals in Tahoe

It was a full house last week at the Vacation Home Rental workshop held at the airport. With over 1500 vacation rentals in the area, home owners, real estate agents, property managers and rental companies have a huge interest in the business, and proposed changes to the laws are a concern to all. The Vacation Home Rental Ordinance in South Lake Tahoe was established in 2003, was revised in 2011, and many people are now urging for further updates.
Visitors to Lake Tahoe often look for a rental home for their vacation stay rather than a hotel. With the comfort and conveniences of space, privacy, and room to play, the attraction to a rental home is clear. However, some of our visitors are not always respectful neighbors, and full time homeowners are concerned about noise levels, trash, and parking issues. The proposed changes to the Vacation Home Ordinance will be an effort to alleviate some of these issues.
Tahoe Destination Vacation Rentals owner, Kathy Liebhardt, lives in the Tahoe Keys. As a resident as well as an owner of rental property, she is in favor of the proposal to reduce the occupancy rate of rental homes to two people per bedroom plus two others. The thought is that fewer occupants will help reduce noise complaints. Although this change may affect income for property managers and rental home owners, Kathy feels there needs to be a balance for both renters and homeowners.

Changes Ahead for The Vacation Home Rental Ordinance in South Lake Tahoe?

Some of the other changes being considered include increasing fees for vacation homes and especially for those not locally managed. To alleviate noise problems, amplified music would have to be shut off at 10 pm; use of an outdoor hot tub also would not be allowed after 10pm. Other possibilities being considered would be requiring the use of parking permits which would limit the number of cars parking on the streets, and the use of bear boxes may be required to help with problems of trash in the streets. It may be necessary for the city to fund an enforcement officer to deal with complaint calls.
The existing ordinance calls for a notice to be clearly visible inside every rental property. It should include a 24 hour phone contact number for the property manager, the maximum number allowed to stay overnight, and the maximum number of vehicles allowed. Information regarding trash pick-up and its proper storage before the pick-up day will also be listed in the notice. Renters will be made aware that they may be cited and fined for creating a disturbance. To see the full text, look at the city’s web site here.
The tourism industry is imperative to the economy of South Lake Tahoe, and we strive to make our guests feel at home and welcome. A small number of visitors don’t seem to appreciate the beauty and serenity of the area, and the ordinance and its stipulations exist for them. When staying in a rental home, relax, unwind, and enjoy…and remember to be respectful of your neighbors!


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